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SIP Trunking

Phone & Broadband over a Single Connection

SIP Trunks Extend the Value of Your PBX Investment

SIP Service Requires

  • SIP Trunks – Only purchase the SIP trunks you need, based on the maximum number of concurrent calls your business requires.
  • Broadband – Provide your own or purchase from DialNex.
  • Voice Gateway – DialNex supplies a Router/IAD to support QoS, security, and monitoring for optimal voice quality
  • Customer Network – DialNex SIP Trunking works with your existing phone equipment and IP data network. No need to replace phones or equipment.


  • Faxing – DialNex faxing works with most analog fax machines

Calling Plans

Local Toll-Free and National Long Distance plans start at 500 minutes per month. International Long Distance plans start to 1000 minutes/mo. For all, you can share minutes company-wide and carry over unused minutes to the next month. Metered per-minute rate pricing is also available.

Voice Compression

With most types of Internet connectivity, DialNex uses G.711 as the primary voice codec for its SIP Phone service. This codec allows for a significant reduction in per-call bandwidth usage when compared to channelized PRIs or G.711, which are common with other integrated access providers. G.729 delivers more available bandwidth for data usage; it allows you to support your voice and data needs with fewer bandwidth circuits, which reduces your costs.


Features for SIP Trunking


“Mobility features and extension-dialing in DialNex Hosted Voice unify our remote teams… It’s as if the distance doesn’t even exist.”

–Otavio Fonseca, LatPro

Hosted PBX & UC Benefits

Hosted Voice In-depth


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