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Category: Network & Security

Managed WiFi

Hassle-free WiFi for Guests and Employees

Improve customer loyalty and employee productivity with a fully managed, end-to-end WiFi solution for your business.

If your business needs:

  • Engage with guests over mobile and gain valuable insight into foot traffic and other presence-based user behavior
  • Empower employees to access corporate resources and serve customers using WiFi-enabled devices
  • Deploy a secure Wireless LAN affordably, and far more easily than pulling wire

Unified Threat

Enterprise-grade Network Security

Protect your network and information assets with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that is fully managed by DialNex. Multi-layered security protects against the most sophisticated cyber threats.

If your business needs:

  • Implement Firewall, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Content Filtering, Antivirus, and Anti-phishing
  • Avoid the risk, cost, hassle, and limitations of do-it-yourself security and multiple standalone solutions
  • Protect against known and zero day threats so you avoid costly downtime

MPLS Network

Maximize Performance while Minimizing Costs

Consolidate all of your business applications onto a single private network. Inherent traffic-prioritization and built-in-security capabilities promote availability and productivity, all while protecting your network resources from malicious traffic.

If your business needs:

  • Replace outdated wide area network topologies
  • Prioritize real-time application traffic, such as voice and video
  • Streamline bandwidth utilization to control costs
  • Prevent critical applications from failing due to network congestion


Secure, Managed Site-to-site or Client-based Remote Access

Connect office locations and remote workers onto a single network and provide your employees with seamless and secure access to corporate applications, files, and resources.

If your business needs:

  • Adopt flexible and secure connectivity for multiple sites and remote clients
  • Avoid the technical challenges and security risks associated with setting up a VPN by using a fully-managed solution
  • Get the highest level of connection and data security for data in transit and at rest by using next-gen firewall with 128-bit AES encryption and industry-leading, best-of-breed technologies

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